Company secretarial services.

Company secretarial services to ease your administrative burden

Our company secretarial services are designed to keep you compliant, ease your administrative burden, and save you time.

When you first open a company, keeping up with your obligations to Companies House can be a tall order. Even the most organised business owners can let things slip through the cracks when they take on too many responsibilities.

But we are here to help. The way we see it, outsourcing your company secretarial duties is a straightforward solution, as you will unlock the skills you need as and when you need them — right away. 

Helping you stay compliant

We will take on the role of company secretary for you, performing a wide range of duties so you can focus on making your business a success.

We will maintain your company’s statutory books, updating them with any changes as your business evolves. This will include a register of directors, secretaries, and shareholders past and present, as well as any minutes of general and board meetings. We can also arrange meetings with directors and shareholders for you.

Our duties expand to submitting regular returns to Companies House on your behalf, which will consist of your annual confirmation statement, annual accounts, director’s report, and more.

Our service includes:

  • Company formation. We will guide you through setting up a company in the UK, assisting with registering, incorporating, and structuring your business.
  • Annual compliance. We handle your company’s annual compliance obligations, including the preparation and filing annual returns and statutory accounts.
  • Board meetings and minutes. We provide comprehensive support for board meetings by preparing meeting agendas, taking minutes, and recording resolutions.
  • Statutory registers and records. This includes maintaining and updating statutory registers, such as the register of members, directors, and significant shareholders.
  • Shareholder communication. We will promote communication with your shareholders, managing the distribution of notices, agendas, and other relevant information.
  • Corporate restructuring. Assisting with the necessary filings, documentation, and compliance procedures, helping you navigate these complex transactions smoothly.

Staying up-to-date

Part of our role through our company secretarial services is to stay abreast of the Companies Act and your business’s articles of association to ensure you stay compliant.

We will closely monitor new developments in company law and advise you on how regulatory changes could affect your business.

Depending on your needs, we can also take on other administrative tasks for you. It is all part of our commitment to making your life easier.

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